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Urologists in India

The study of Urology concentrates on the urinary zones and reproductive system of both males and females. It also includes the organs like urinary bladder, kidneys, urethra and ureters. Health experts specializing in urology are known as urologists. They undergo an extensive training on how to diagnose, cure and handle patients suffering from urological anarchies. In other words Urology is the combined study on supervision of medicinal difficulties, surgical dilemmas such as the alteration of hereditary irregularities and the surgical supervision of cancers.

Urology is associated with the medical areas of oncology, nephrology, gynecology, andrology and proctology. Urologists often utilize investigative methods such as ambulatory urodynamic profiles or flow cystometry to verify the finest technique for healing the patient. Medical treatment for nervous system anarchy incorporates medicines that affect the neuromodulation and nervous system as a whole.

Below is the list of Urologists in India present in its different metropolitan cities:

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