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Surgeons in India

A surgeon is a doctor who performs surgeries or operations of various kinds. In medicine, surgery involves a huge category of medical treatment which necessitates operating a part of the body, which can be of animal or human to treat any kind of disorder or disease. Though all surgeons are doctors, all doctors are not surgeons. Doctors who specialize in various branches of medicine that include dentists, cardiology, neurology and many more can become surgeons in their respective fields. Some of the specialties and their field of surgeries include Dental Surgery, Cardiac Surgery, Maxillofacial Surgery, Pediatric Surgery, Surgical Oncology, Thoracic Surgery, Veterinary Surgery and more. There are many talented surgeons in India who are helping the country to become a ‘global medical destination’. With the help of proper training and availability of advanced medical instruments and equipments, the well-trained Indian surgeons have made it possible to cure and operated difficult operations and surgeries


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