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Psychiatrists in India

Psychiatrists in India expertise in psychoanalysis and cure patients suffering from mental and psychological disorders such as nervousness, gloominess, neurosis, sexual dysfunction, drug abuse etc. Many Psychiatrists expertise in the deterrence, identification, and healing of psychological and addictive anarchies. They are extensively trained in analytical assessment of a patient’s mind and in the field of psychotherapy.

The study of Psychiatry encompasses the treatment, psychoanalysis and deterrence of emotional infirmity in patients. A competent and skilled psychiatrist can assist the patients undergoing mental and emotional anarchies like Eating Disorders, Panic Disorder, Mania, Phobias, Schizophrenia, Claustrophobia, Hallucination, Attention Deficit Disorder, Paranoia, etc.

List of popular Psychiatrists in India

Below is the list of Psychiatrists in India present across its various metropolitan cities:

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