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Plastic surgeons in India

Plastic surgery is a field of medical surgery concerned with the correction or refurbishment of the function of a particular part of the body. Most of the people resort to plastic surgery to correct a physical defect or simply alter a part of the body that makes them feel uncomfortable. Plastic surgery enhances the overall confidence level of a person.

Types of Plastic Surgery

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery: Reconstructive procedures generally correct defects on the face or any other part of the body. Reconstructive plastic surgery is a broad term which includes the following types of corrections; removal of birth marks, Physical defects like cleft lips and palates and ear deformities, Removal of scars and marks caused due to injuries and breasts implants which could have been removed due to cancer.

Cosmetic Surgery: This kind of surgery is generally undergone by people who are not satisfied by the appearance of a particular part of their body. Cosmetic surgery also known as aesthetic surgery involves the alteration of an existing part of the body. Some of the common cosmetic procedures includes, nose reshaping, removing fat from certain parts of the body, Enhancing Lips and breasts augmentation and reduction.

List of Plastic surgeons in India

Choosing a qualified cosmetic surgeon with the right credentials is very essential to achieve a successful outcome of the surgery. The plastic surgeon should be well experienced and well trained with the ability to judge the risk involved in the particular surgery. Plastic surgery has gained momentum in the recent years with people becoming more and more conscious of their looks. This in turn has given a rise to the number of highly qualified plastic surgeons in the country.

Below is a list of some Plastic Surgeons in the different metropolitans and cities in India.

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