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Neurosurgeons in India

Neurosurgeons are those doctors who specialize in neurosurgery or in surgeries and treatments related to brain, peripheral nerves, vertebral column and spinal cord. Some of the conditions that the neurosurgeons treat include Spinal disc herniation, Chiari Malformations, Celebral aneurysms, Carotid artery stenosis, Spinal stenosis, Brain tumors and more. India over the years has produced numerous eminent neurosurgeons. The advancement in technology and science has brought a huge change in neurosurgery in India. Neurosurgeons in India with the important advances in neurology and neurology related things have taken neurosurgery to a great new different level. Indian neurosurgeons are famous not only in India but also throughout the world

List of Neurosurgeons in India

In case of emergency or any kind of help including consultation, treatment or medication, you can follow the list to find a doctor in your city.

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