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Heart Specialists (Cardiologists Doctors )

The cases of heart disease in India are on rise. According to studies, it is the hectic lifestyle of the people and their improper diets that lead to such health disturbances. Adding to this situation is the level of pollution as well. It has been pointed out that if proper measures are not taken, India alone will account for 60% of such cases by the year 2010 in the world. Hence, it has become important for each of us to go for regular check-ups and in case we experience any heart congestion or stroke like condition, we should immediately consult an expert. It is for the benefit of all a list of heart specialists in India has been compiled.

List of Cardiologists Doctors in India

In case of emergency or any kind of help including consultation, treatment or medication, you can follow the list to find a doctor in your city.

Click Here for list of : Heart Specialists (Cardiologists Doctors )


Type of Doctor's