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Cancer Specialists

A disease like Cancer is an abnormal growth of cells that thrives in an uncontrolled way. In certain cases it tends to spread to other parts of the body. The name of a particular type of Cancer is usually denoted by the organ that they affect.

Different types of Cancer

There are various types of Cancer that derives its name from the Organ of the body that it affects. Commonly known cancers are Bone cancer, Stomach cancer, Breast Cancer, Skin Cancer among others.

Symptoms of Cancer

There are various types of Cancer that affect different parts of the body. Apart from the names there are different symptoms that surface with the disease. There are no common features among these. Any extreme syndrome that may appear in the functioning of any organ should therefore be noted separately and consulted with the doctor immediately.

There are several well known Cancer specialists in India who are available for consultations and treatments of various types of cancers in different cities of the country.

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