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Doctor's in India

Medical science is regarded as the fastest growing science and Indian doctors are the world leaders. Indian doctors have not only earned recognition for their work in India but also in the international scenario. Doctors in India usually specialize in various branches of medicine and are trained in the diagnosis as well as treatment of specific condition; these doctors are commonly known as specialists.

The different types of doctors in India and their area of expertise are: Psychiatrist, an expert in mental health; Podiatrist, an expert in foot care; Optometrist, an expert in eye care; Neurologist, a specialist of the diseases of the nervous system; Dentist, an expert in dental care; Obstetrician, an specialist of women care; Dermatologist, an expert in skin problems; Cardiologist, an expert in heart and blood vessels problems; Nephrologist, an expert in kidney and kidney related problems; Pediatrician, an expert in children health and care; Rheumatologist, an expert in the treatment of arthritis and various other diseases relating to joints, bones and muscles; Gastrologist, a specialist of the problems related to the digestive system; Endocrinologist, an expert in thyroid and ductless glands problems.

Hence, choosing the right doctor for particular ailment becomes vital. Mentioned below are some of the tips which every patient should consider while selecting the specialist for his treatment.

  • Academic qualifications of the doctor;

  • Consider the authorization proof from the hospital the doctor is associated with;

  • Inform about the number of times the surgeon performs a specific operation;

  • Verifying the official medical documents of the doctor as well as his total years of experience in the area of expertise;

  • Find out if the doctor is inclined towards alternative treatments other than the conventional therapies.

Type of Doctor's