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Education in India

Education is the building stone of country or society; it plays a major role in its development. Education in India goes back to the time of Nalanda and Taxila, which are regarded as the earliest urban learning centers. It was after India fell into the hands of British, western education became a part of the Indian education system. Over the years, the education system in India developed to a great extent; it is regarded as one of the biggest education systems in the world. There are various highly esteemed educational institutes in India.

Indian education system

In the present day, the Indian education system comprises the following sections:

  • Primary Education
  • Secondary Education
  • Senior Secondary Education
  • Higher Education

While 8 years make the elementary or primary education in India, both senior secondary and secondary education comprise 2 years. After the completion of school or the higher secondary education, a student can begin with his or her higher education. Higher education in India mainly depends up on the stream which range from 3 – 5 years. After post graduation, which varies from 2 – 3 years, students get the scope to engage in research from the numerous educational institutions.

Literacy Rate

Despite the ample scope of education in India, the literacy rate of the country is not increasing at an alarming rate. According to a report put forward by the National Sample Survey Organization of NSSO, the literacy rate in India is increasing at 1.5 % per year and the average literacy rate of India is 65.38 %. In this case, it is important to note that the literacy rate of village is higher in comparison to the cities.